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Compassion Fatigue is a Real Thing

Fulfilling the role of family caregiver is hard work, even if chosen willingly as an act of love to another. While the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll of caregiving is well documented, the high level of self-love and self-care required within the caregiver to successfully put the needs of others first without self-destructing, is not.

In The Invisible Patient, senior care consultant and caregiver advocate Annalee Kruger teaches caretakers how to appreciate the blessings of being a caregiver while also looking after themselves. It is not a luxury for caregivers to practice dedicated self-care — it is a necessity. Caregiving can be a positive experience for everyone IF there is an Aging Plan in place. The ability to be resilient, know and share boundaries, and say "no" are vital for both the well-being of the caregiver and the caregiver's patients. The Invisible Patient provides inspiration, encouragement, and guidance for finding ease and help during the caregiving journey.
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Annalee Kruger, MBA

Annalee Kruger has spent her entire 28+ year career in the senior care industry and has become a nationally recognized expert in the field of senior care planning. An accomplished national speaker, podcast host and corporate trainer, she has presented at a hundreds of healthcare, senior housing, financial conferences and webinars.

Growing up, Annalee witnessed firsthand her parents transitioning from being adult children to caretakers once her grandparents, who resided in her home, needed more hands on care. From an early age, she wanted to be a social worker in order to serve families with aging loved ones. Annalee has dedicated her life to helping families have the best possible outcomes, whether through her family and senior care planning consulting, her speaking engagements and training seminars, or by training financial advisors on identifying and addressing the needs of their clients.

Annalee resides in Southwest Florida, but is able to offer services nationwide through her two companies Care Right and Plan4Life. While Care Right provides comprehensive aging planning, caregiver support services, and coaching; Plan4Life focuses on instructing financial planners on how to better identify and address the needs of their aging clients and the clients who are likely to be the family caregiver. 

Meet the Author

Fall Leaves
A very informative book, written from the heart.
The writer describes her own touching journey to caregiving, and she shares different steps for families to take, so that they are well prepared for the day when care is needed for a loved one.

Caregiving doesn’t need to be overwhelming and/or exhausting if you plan ahead.
I would recommend this book to everyone with aging parents, aging spouses, spouses/family with dementia or memory loss, or other aging family members.

Els B.

Who is The Invisible Patient For?

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Everyone knows someone in the aging journey - we all are!

We also know that most families don't talk about the "what ifs" of aging like:

Who will provide care?
How will we pay for care?
What is our plan when Mom's dementia progresses?
What happens if the primary caregiver gets ill or dies?

This book is PACKED with 'how to's" and do it yourself tools to develop your own Aging Plan, facilitate a family meeting, how to interview home care companies and MORE!

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